Minimum Wage

I got divorced a year ago and I get a pretty good chunk of money from my ex-husband for child support for my three children. While the children at at school during the week, I work for minimum wage in their lunchroom. I am able to still spend time with them at lunch and during recess.

On the weekends, my ex-husband takes the children after school on Friday and drops them off Sunday evening. This is when I schedule all of my clients so that I can earn some real cash. I do have to kind of watch how much money I spend, so that my children will not ask me where it came from. I am a part-time Leeds escorts companion that has a great personality and I love to go out just to have some fun. All of my clients understand why they can only see me on the weekends and they are o.k. with it.

A Unique Experience

Coming to London has been a truly unique experience for me. I have learned a new language, tasted different cuisines and lived in an entirely different world. For my first vacation out of the United States, this was the perfect place for me to start my traveling escapades. I arrived here in London last Thursday and so far have seen almost all of London it seems. Tonight I made arrangements with the fetish escorts London to help me out with a date for the evening. There is a play going on tonight and I wanted someone to accompany me as well as join me at dinner afterwards. I am hoping that everything goes well tonight and that my escort will have fun, I hate to see anyone having a horrible time. But with the play that I have picked to watch, I am sure that he will stay entertained for the entire evening.